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Food Styling on Plate


Chef hire is a one-of-its-kind platform that caters to your personalised F&B (food and beverages) needs. Be it an occasion to celebrate, a get-together, a food venture, an assortment of gourmet spices, or simply a desire to learn cooking- we are here to lend our helping hand. Our expert panel of professionals comes armed with the industry tricks to add that zing to your events and culinary experiences.

Events are made special with chef hire. Our platform brings to you on-demand, and personalised access to chefs and servers, cooking classes, food and restaurant consultancy, and gourmand spices. We offer customised assistance in arranging events and online/offline cookery lessons. Set up your F&B business with chef hire or pick up the choicest of spices to amp up your daily meals. Chef hire is at your service to give you a glimpse into the gastronomical gala.


Restaurant Consultancy

Give wings to your dream of having your food joint with chef hire! Set up an eatery, hire your team, whip up dishes, and make your mark in the F&B industry. Get an end-to-end solution to operational issues and see your restaurant being the talk of the town

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Hire a chef

Make your birthdays, anniversaries, parties, food exhibitions, and get-togethers an affair to remember. Hire chefs, cooks, serving staff, bartenders, and other personnel to give the best hospitality experience to your guests.

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Flooring Consultation

Passion for Cooking

Eager to learn a new cuisine? Want to whip up a special dish for someone special? Or simply want to turn your passion for cooking into a professional skill? Learn cooking from the best chefs in the industry with chef hire. Acquire the skill of cooking anytime, anywhere, any cuisine, any dish, as per your convenience and preference.

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Our USP lies in our innovation and expertise. Our ability to come up with innovative recipes using the choicest of fresh ingredients, coupled with the experience of our team, will offer you an opportunity to take your culinary experience to the next level. Events, restaurants, cooking lessons- there is nothing our lineup of skilled professionals doesn’t excel at!

Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic chef.

Mrs. ITI SHARMA , Noida

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"We started work with TFCS in 2018 and now they are part of family of Café Beats. They have maintained consistency in food taste and the quality and also have brought many innovative food products for our brand. We are happy working with them."

—Mr. Sailesh Kheni, Managing Partner- Cafe Beats India Pvt. Ltd.

“Had a very interesting session on mexican cooking. Right from the basic of Mexican food to the complex dishes, all were taught in proper manner”

--- Mrs. Nisha Jaishwal

Chef-Hire aims at making your dining experience memorable with its exquisite delicacies. We believe in the magic of food, the aroma that precedes every dish, the appealing presentation, the burst of textures when you have a mouthful, and the lingering after-taste- food is not just a meal; it is an experience to behold and cherish! With Chef-Hire, events attain a grandeur, meals get a makeover, cooking evolves into an art, and spices become sublime.

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