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Kitchen Launch Basic- For Small & Mid Size Outlets

  • Thank you for your interest in BistroConnect's Kitchen Launch Basic program! This program is designed to provide a foundational roadmap for launching your Indian restaurant kitchen with the potential for future integration of BistroConnect automation technology. Services Included: Initial Consultation: We will meet with you to understand your restaurant concept, menu, budget, and space limitations. Kitchen Layout Planning: Our team will create a basic layout plan for your kitchen, considering workflow efficiency and equipment placement. Equipment Selection Guide: We will provide a customized equipment list tailored to your menu and operational needs, focusing on essential non-automated kitchen equipment. Vendor Recommendations: We can recommend reputable vendors for sourcing the necessary kitchen equipment based on your budget and location. (BistroConnect is not affiliated with any specific vendors.) Recruitment & Training Assistance: We will offer guidance on recruiting qualified kitchen staff and outline basic training procedures for operating your chosen equipment. Menu Optimization for Kitchen Efficiency: We will collaborate with you to analyze your menu and suggest potential modifications to improve efficiency within a non-automated kitchen setup. Services Not Included: Detailed Engineering Plans: This program does not include in-depth architectural or engineering plans for kitchen construction or renovation. Construction & Renovation Services: We are not responsible for construction, renovation, or permitting processes required for your kitchen space. Equipment Procurement & Installation: You are responsible for sourcing and purchasing the recommended equipment from your chosen vendors. BistroConnect does not facilitate equipment procurement or installation. Staff Recruitment & Training: The program offers guidance but does not include direct recruitment services or comprehensive staff training programs. BistroConnect Automation Integration: This program focuses on a non-automated kitchen setup. While we can discuss the potential benefits of BistroConnect in the future, integration of our automation solutions is a separate service. Fees & Payment: A one-time fee is applicable for the Kitchen Launch Basic program. The specific fee will be determined based on the complexity of your project during the initial consultation. Full payment is due before commencement of the program services. Disclaimer: The information and recommendations provided are for general guidance only and may not be suitable for all kitchen layouts or menu concepts. You are responsible for ensuring all equipment selections comply with local safety regulations and health codes. BistroConnect is not liable for any issues arising from equipment procurement, installation, construction or renovation processes, staff recruitment or training, or the implementation of your kitchen layout plan.

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