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Kitchen Launch Pro- For Brands

  • Welcome to BistroConnect's Kitchen Launch Pro program! This program is designed to provide comprehensive guidance and support for launching a successful Indian restaurant kitchen with a focus on automation technology.

    Program inclusions:

    • In-Depth Consultation: A dedicated BistroConnect consultant will conduct a comprehensive consultation to understand your restaurant concept, menu, budget, and desired level of automation.
    • Detailed Site Evaluation: Our team will visit your proposed kitchen space to assess the layout, workflow, and compatibility for BistroConnect equipment integration. We will provide a detailed report with recommendations for potential modifications.
    • Customized Equipment Planning: Based on your consultation and site evaluation, we will create a customized equipment plan with detailed specifications and quotations for recommended BistroConnect technology. This plan will consider your menu, automation needs, and kitchen space constraints.
    • Menu Optimization & Recipe Standardization: Our team will collaborate with your chefs to review your menu and suggest optimizations for compatibility with automated equipment, while preserving your culinary vision. We will also assist with recipe standardization for consistent quality control.
    • Comprehensive Workflow Design: We will design a detailed workflow plan for your kitchen, considering equipment usage, staff roles, and optimized processes for order fulfillment, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.
    • Project Management & Timeline: BistroConnect will act as your project manager, overseeing equipment procurement, installation, staff training, and project execution. We will provide a comprehensive timeline with milestones for each stage.

    Additional Services (available at an additional cost):

    • Detailed Engineering Plans: Our team can develop detailed engineering plans for plumbing, electrical requirements, and any necessary kitchen modifications to accommodate BistroConnect equipment.
    • Construction Management: BistroConnect can partner with trusted contractors to manage the construction or renovation phase of your kitchen project, ensuring adherence to plans and timelines.

    Client Responsibilities:

    • You are responsible for providing accurate information about your restaurant concept, menu, and proposed kitchen space during the consultation.
    • You are responsible for obtaining any necessary permits or licenses required for operating your restaurant.
    • You are responsible for any construction or renovation costs associated with implementing the recommended kitchen modifications.

    Payment Terms:

    • A non-refundable consultation fee of [amount] will be due upon booking your Kitchen Launch Pro program.
    • The consultation fee covers the time and expertise of the BistroConnect consultant and initial site evaluation.
    • Additional costs for equipment, detailed engineering plans, construction management, and other services will be quoted separately.
    • A payment schedule will be established based on the project scope and timeline.


    • The information and recommendations provided in the Kitchen Launch Pro program are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional engineering or architectural advice. We recommend consulting with licensed professionals for final construction plans and permitting processes.
    • BistroConnect is not liable for any delays, cost overruns, or unforeseen challenges that may arise during your actual restaurant launch process.
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