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  • Convenience: Get everything you need in a single package, saving you time and effort searching for individual equipment.
  • Streamlined Setup: Our team can help set up and ensure proper functioning of all equipment, getting you up and running quickly.
  • Space Optimization: The 3 work tables provide ample workspace without overwhelming a small bakery.
  • Versatility: The combi oven's functions allow for baking a wide range of pastries, while the electric dough machine tackles large batches efficiently.
  • Freshness assured: The 4-door chiller keeps ingredients at optimal temperatures, promoting consistent baking results.

Small Bakery - Startup Package

  • BistroConnect by Chef-Hire can equip your dream bakery with everything you need to get started! Our "Small Bakery - Starter Package" includes:

    • Combi Oven: This versatile oven can bake, roast, steam, and more, allowing you to create a wide variety of pastries and breads.

    • Work Tables (3): Ample space for prepping dough, decorating cakes, and assembling pastries.

    • Electric Dough Machine (20kg): Save time and effort with this machine that effortlessly kneads large batches of dough.

    • Molds (Assorted): We'll provide a selection of baking molds to suit your chosen products, from cake pans to bread loaf tins.

    • Baking Trays: Durable trays for perfectly browned pastries and breads.

    • 4-Door Chiller: Keep your ingredients fresh and dough chilled with this spacious refrigeration unit.

    Let BistroConnect help you turn your bakery dreams into reality! Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and customize your package.

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