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Planning Your Food Venture

Are you planning to start your own food venture? Don't have any industry experience? Don't worry,

Chef-Hire is there for you!!!. Our Chef portfolio provides you end-to-end solutions all models of F&B outlets.

So What we Do ?

  • Concepts: You have nay concept in mind, we can make it for you. Whether it be a theme, style or even a specific ingredient, we can create entire restaurant / café based on that

  •  Recipes: We just don’t just create regular menu, we create a customized menu as per your choice, taste preference and service standards. We make recipes as per the concept, style, taste and presentation. Along with it, we customized spice mixes and gravies for every café / restaurant.

  • Budget Friendly: What ever your budget is, we can create it for you. As per your budget, we will make concept, style, menu accordingly.

  • Ease Of Operation: Easy processes, Customized Standard of Procedures as per the organizational needs.

  • Marketing: Based on the concept, area, size & menu, a marketing strategy is created & on basis of that we execute marketing campaigns to get more footfalls & more brand visibility. 

  • Regular Supply Chain: All the customized products needs to be procured at correct time in order to cater to our clients. So we have created a supply chain where you can get products within 5 days from date of order.

Image by Nafinia Putra

Cafe Consulting

Project Investment : 20 - 50  lakhs

Space Required: 800 - 1500 sq.ft.

Services Offered:

  1. Concept Development

  2. Space Development,

  3. Kitchen Development, 

  4. Menu Development & Design,

  5. Menu Training, 

  6. System Development & S.O.P.

  7. Kitchen Tools supply,

  8. Customized Spices & Gravies,

  9. Backend support,

  10. Menu Updating half yearly.


Concept Restaurant

Project Investment: 50 lakhs - 2 cr

Space Required : 1400 - 2500 sq.ft.

Services offered:

  1. Concept Development

  2. Space Development,

  3. Exterior Development, 

  4. Kitchen Development, 

  5. Menu Development & Design,

  6. Menu Training, 

  7. Kitchen Equipment Development,

  8. System Development & S.O.P.

  9. Kitchen Tools supply,

  10. Customized Spices & Gravies,

  11. Backend support,

  12. Menu Updating half yearly.

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Project Investment: 4- 10 lakhs

Space Required: 200 sq. ft. 

Service Offered:

  1. Concept Development

  2. Space Development, 

  3. Menu Development & Design,

  4. Menu Training, 

  5. System Development & S.O.P.

  6. Kitchen Tools supply,

  7. Customized Spices & Gravies,

  8. Backend support,

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